Suraj Rana – A Journey of Passion and Versatility – From Tech Guru to Music Maestro to Filmmaking Extraordinaire

Suraj Rana, a prominent figure in the Indian entertainment industry, hails from Faridabad, India. Born in Ballabgarh, Haryana, Suraj’s journey as a multifaceted artist has garnered him widespread acclaim. His father, Vijay Singh Rana, sadly passed away on April 12, 2017, due to a heart attack, while his mother, Sakuntala Rana, is a dedicated housewife.

Since his early years, Suraj Rana has exhibited a profound interest in singing, acting, and technology, particularly in the realms of mobile devices and computers. He pursued his education until the tenth grade at Shubham Vidya Mandir School. However, the untimely demise of his father disrupted his academic pursuits, and he was unable to continue his studies. Suraj has two brothers, Neeraj Rana, who is his elder sibling, and the youngest, Bablu Rana.

At the age of 16, Suraj established his presence on YouTube as a Tech YouTuber under the moniker “Technical Bharat” in Faridabad. He created videos centered around technological subjects. Unfortunately, in 2017, his channel was suspended by YouTube due to violations of the platform’s community guidelines. Overnight, Suraj lost over 40,000 subscribers. Concurrently, he was involved in editing music videos for a music company in Uttarakhand. It was during this time that Suraj began exploring his passion for music. In 2018, he gained significant popularity with a mashup song of Garhwali Pahari music. This marked his transformation into a skilled musician, further cementing his dedication to the art form.

Not limiting himself to music, Suraj Rana has also delved into the realm of filmmaking. He has directed several movies, including “Dark Web: Ek Anhohni” and “Ek Pyaar Aisa Bhi,” showcasing his diverse talents in the industry.

Throughout his career, Suraj has made notable strides as a music video editor, commencing in 2016. His involvement in the music industry continues to thrive, solidifying his reputation as an actor and music director.

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