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The Hollywood Mogul David Zaslav Is the Star of a Party at Cannes

Maxi, who was busy licking an ice cube, declined to comment, but his owner, the film producer and Venetian slipper purveyor Stuart Parr, marveled at the tablescapes. “This is made out of ceramic, not plastic,” he said, pointing out an Air Mail-branded match striker nestled between white orchids. “That tells you everything.”

Sting walked in a few minutes before midnight. Ms. Johansson arrived with her husband, Colin Jost, after the Cannes premiere of “Asteroid City,” the Wes Anderson film in which she has a key role. She chatted on the dance floor with Bryan Lourd, her agent and the co-chairman of C.A.A., and Joe Kahn, the executive editor of The New York Times. (Mr. Kahn sat with Mr. Carter and Mr. Walter at dinner.)

Mr. Zaslav may have been the co-host, but some of the guests were still getting to know him. Michael Barker, a co-president of Sony Pictures Classics, said he had met Mr. Zaslav for the first time that evening and appreciated his sense of film history. Boy George said he found Mr. Zaslav “very sweet.”

As at any industry event, some business got done. Mr. Zaslav, Mr. De Niro and Mr. DiCaprio were tossing around new titles for “Wise Guys,” a mob drama that Mr. Zaslav greenlighted after taking over Warner Bros. Boy George said he was open to any roles the Hollywood crowd might throw his way: “I’ve been talking to Rebel Wilson about playing her gay friend.”

By 2 a.m., after the disco and new wave music faded and the house lights went up, Mr. Zaslav was still working the room. He shook hands with the D.J.

The view from the slowly emptying pool deck — purple sky, dark sea, white yachts — was more or less the same one that Jack Warner, the studio’s longtime president, once enjoyed from Villa Aujourd’hui, his summer home, about 700 meters away.

Vanessa Friedman contributed reporting.

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