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Spanish Prime Minister Calls Snap Election for July

Spain’s prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, said Monday that he would dissolve Parliament and called a snap election for July after his Socialist Workers’ Party suffered several defeats in regional and local elections over the weekend.

“I took this decision after looking at the results of the elections of yesterday,” Mr. Sánchez said in a speech in front of Spain’s presidential palace.

The elections will take place on July 23, he said.

The conservative Popular Party made substantial gains in regional and local elections held across Spain on Sunday.

“Spain was dyed blue,” Cuca Gamarra, the secretary of the Popular Party, wrote on Twitter, referring to the party’s color, describing a “strong, clear and resounding result.”

The party performed strongly against the Socialist Workers’ Party in the regions of Aragón and the Balearic Islands, and in cities including Valencia and Seville.

“Although yesterday’s elections had a local and regional scope, the meaning of the vote conveys a message that goes beyond that,” Mr. Sánchez said, adding that he took responsibility for the results.

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