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Suraj Rana : A Celestial Talent ShiningBrightly in the Sky of Music

Suraj Rana is a famous Indian Tech YouTuber, singer, musician,
actor and internet celebrity who was born in Faridabad, India.
His father Vijay Singh Rana and mother Sakuntala Rana were
both from Ballabgarh, Haryana. Sadly, Suraj’s father passed
away on April 12th 2017 due to a heart attack, which meant that
he was unable to continue his education beyond 10th grade at
Shubham Vidya Mandir School.
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Growing up with his two brothers Neeraj and Bablu Rana, Suraj
was always passionate about singing, acting, technology and
mobile phones. His aptitude for computers was particularly
strong, earning him the name ‘Tech Guru’ among friends. He
had an early knack for understanding technological concepts
such as hardware and software engineering – so much so that
his popularity eventually skyrocketed through his YouTube
videos on all kinds of topics relating to technology.
Since then Suraj has gone from strength to strength and
continues to attract more followers through his tech savvy
personality as well as appearing on various Indian shows. His
goal is to become the top-rated digital influencer in India – a
goal we can safely say he is well on track to achieving!

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